Christmas and New Year

It's the most wonderful time of the year... or so they say. What they didn't sing, was the countless hours spent wrapping too many presents and before those many presents, we spent countless hours scrolling through the internet for 'Christmas gifts' or found ourselves out at the Christmas markets trying to find something for the whole family. Some may love it, some may not, but what we all love is to spend Christmas day with family and enjoy the new year celebrations together.


Celebrate Christmas

It's Christmas day and there is no better moment than to open up the box of luxurious chocolate truffles to share. The Box of 18 Luxurious Chocolate Truffles is set to impress with their individual designs and handmade using the finest ingredients. The crafters, Salt & Sugar Art Chocolate, are masters in the art of truffles and this is one sure way to wow the family members.


Bring warmth indoors and set the mood before the guests arrive, by lighting the Christmas Day Candle. Begin to relax and let the party unwind with festive holiday aromas surrounding the bustling noises of all your loved ones in the room. A must-have Christmas classic scent with warming notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and orange, it's beginning to smell a lot like a wonderful Christmas!


The night is in full swing, and when we say full swing...the Christmas shenanigans have ran its course, with grandpa snoring on his armchair, your father and uncle are arm in arm singing god knows what, and your mother and aunt are sat discussing why you haven't found a partner yet. Let's bring everyone together and continue the night with how it started (it also stops your mum and aunts discussion). So when the evening is winding down, why not suggest a Dinner Party Game to resume the Christmas spirit.


New Year's Eve

The festive season is not over yet, and if you're planning on a new year's eve party at home this year then make sure to include some sweet treats for the guests to tuck into. West London Pick and Mix have just the answer to everyones dietary requirements from Veggie Pick and Mix bags to vegan and choc bags for sharing.


At the same time you DO NOT want to forget the champagne, vodka and gins (mixer not compulsory). Celebrate in style and make your guests the best G&T's and cocktail gin's possible. Finish by giving it a mix with the coolest gin muddlers around and make a toast to the joy, laughter and hardships we have faced this year, and cheers to the upcoming year ahead of us! 'Save water, drink Gin'.


Not every new year's eve party needs to be as messy as Christmas day, especially when you're not fond of entering the New Year hungover. Don't worry if that's what you're thinking, a new year's eve party can be just as fun spending quality time with all your loved ones, piecing together a colourful jigsaw puzzle. With a variety of the world's best-loved cities, you can piece together the San Fransisco Jigsaw Puzzle, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and many more places you can look forward to visiting in the new year to come.


New Year wishes

Start the new year right by taking up some tiny resolutions that can potentially make a big difference. Tiny Marketplace have some essential care products handmade by Ecohavenstore that are eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable, and recyclable. Switch to a greener approach in life and begin with the littlest things like the Bamboo Toothbrushes set. Be the good in the world and take on the zero-waste approach that is good for our planet.


Improve your mental health by journalling your inner thoughts and mood for the day in a Mindfulness Notebook. Something you may find helpful is to start a gratitude journal where you write down three things you are grateful for that day, even if it was a bad day. The mind is a funny thing, and the more you write about your gratefulness, the more your mind realigns to having a positive outlook on life. Let's get through life, loving ourselves all year round.

Taking small steps to better the world will make an impact over time, and together, we can contribute to a greener environment. Consider having a veggie or vegan day once a week. This can be gradually increased if you're loving the food or feel comfortable doing so. Animal farming causes large areas of deforestation and methane emissions so cutting down on meat can help support the environment and the planet as a whole. For those who have a sweet tooth If you're not too sure, why not start by opting for Vegan Chocolate Brownie Bites.


Have a happy New Year

Support a small business this Christmas and new year by purchasing your Christmas presents and party essentials through Tiny Marketplace. The support will be immensely appreciated from a small business owner and it will help to keep their dreams alive. Feel good and guilt free by buying from our talented crafters and browse their handmade items made to be cruelty-free, vegan, recyclable and eco-friendly. New year, new you!