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During lockdown we have seen a surge of veganism in the UK according to the Vegan Society and Finder. Recent findings have put 7.2 million british adults as plant based eaters - a 40% increase of vegans in the UK with a record of half a million Brits who signed up for Veganuary in January 2021. Generation Z (aged 18-23) are currently the most meat-free generation to date and there are no signs of stopping, with 10% of British children aged 8 - 16 as vegans or vegetarians.

Current consumers are becoming more conscious about the things they eat and the products they use on their skin, with now 19% of people who check whether their toiletries are tested on animals before buying. The UK first banned animal testing in 1998 and is the birthplace for many cruelty free cosmetic companies and since then, numerous brands in the UK are now cruelty free and vegan.  Our society has become more aware of ethical choices around them and the demand for plant based and cruelty free options is only on the rise - Deliveroo saw vegan orders skyrocket to 163% in 2020!


At Tiny Box we fully support ethical choices, being an ethical and eco-friendly business ourselves. With our newest business addition born from lockdown, Tiny Marketplace is a friendly space for buyers and sellers to safely purchase and sell hand-made and ethical items online. In our Health, Bath and Beauty section you will find a wide range of products that are vegan and/or cruelty free, from cleansers, toners, body and face creams. Find edible vegan treats in our Food and Drink section with different delicious toppings on brownie bites or chunky chocolate vegan cookies. Tiny Marketplace aims to be user friendly and has clear labels on each item which can state ‘cruelty free’, ‘vegan’, ‘recyclable’ and many others so consumers have 100% confidence when buying. Tiny Marketplace is the one stop shop for all, providing ethical shopping choices from small businesses to your door.


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Now, taking the plunge to a vegan or cruelty free way of living may be difficult for anyone who hasn’t tried it but meat eaters can help in other ways if they don’t want to become a vegan or vegetarian. Reducing consumption of meat, rather than going ‘cold-turkey’ will gradually make an impact, setting aside the ethical concerns about animal welfare, reducing in some way will help towards the environment as animal farming causes large areas of deforestation and methane emissions from the animals themselves. Below are a list of ideas to get started:

Buy free-range
Look for free-range eggs, chicken, poultry, and grass fed beef when browsing the supermarket shelves.

Check for cruelty free
When shopping for products take a look at their packaging for the certified cruelty free bunny logo. However not all products that are cruelty free display this so make sure to read their label or download the cruelty free mobile app where you can scan the product’s barcode for the answer instantly.

Make meat the side dish
Start mixing up the portion sizes and gradually aim for a quarter or a third of meat, with larger portions of vegetables and carbs. Another way of reducing meat is by mixing half meat and the other half with a type of bean or lentil as an alternative.

Chicken or pork
Make chicken or pork the go-to’s compared to beef as beef farming has the greatest environmental impact than other types of animal farming.                                                       

Meat-free Mondays
It’s a thing! Although it doesn’t have to be a Monday…
Choose from any day of the week or even just once a month. It’s hard to make any dietary adjustments so just remember - baby steps!

Big changes don’t often come overnight however starting small will eventually make a difference. The most important thing to remember is to feel comfortable and to enjoy what you are doing, so if the change is too much, take a step back and try something else!