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Bamboo Toothbrushes, Pack of 5, Medium Bristles

SKU: MP0034006
In Stock
  • 5 rainbow colors, easy to identify in a bathroom
  • 100% biodegradable handle and packaging 
  • Sustainable Moso bamboo handle
  • BPA Free medium bristles
  • A great gift to adults and children

We believe that even the smallest of steps towards sustainability can make a difference, so why not begin with an eco-friendly Bamboo toothbrush? Ecohaven Bamboo Toothbrushes are designed to feel comfortable and work just as well as any regular plastic toothbrush, with the added benefit of being better for the environment, plastic-free, zero waste, vegan and organic.

£7.99 £7.99

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A plastic toothbrush can last for 300years in the ocean, while a Bamboo toothbrush can be easily recycled and composted.   

Why choose Bamboo?

Moso Bamboo is a plant that can grow up to 1metre a day. Bamboo is fantastic, it is sustainable, does not require the use of pesticides, produces little waste. It is also a good substitute for wood, protecting the forest to grow and replenish at its own pace. Why not give your toothbrush a second life? Once used, the handle can be reused as a plant pot, a cleaning brush, a painting brush...

What about the toothbrush?

The elegant ergonomic bamboo handle is so comfortable and easy to grip while brushing, additionally, bamboo wood is naturally anti-bacterial. The bristles are medium, made from Nylon, and efficient in removing plaques. The pack comes in a range of beautiful colours, making it easier to identify in the bathroom!

We choose Recyclable Packaging

We are all trying to reduce our impact on our planet so each pack comes with an individual cardboard box that is easy to store at home, easy to pack while traveling, and easy to recycle. Additionally, it is an ideal eco-friendly gift for family and friends.


A Bamboo toothbrush lasts as long as a plastic toothbrush but costs less for the environment and is cheap to buy.

  • 5 rainbow colors, easy to identify in a bathroom
  • 100% biodegradable handle and packaging 
  • Sustainable Moso bamboo handle
  • BPA Free medium bristles
  • A great gift to adults and children


Ecohaven focuses on sustainable personal care products that are plastic-free, reusable, and recyclable. We create organic and sustainable quality self-care products that are affordable and designed with a zero-waste approach that is good for our planet. Our desire is to live in a better environment by helping to reduce our use of plastic in our homes.      
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Bamboo Toothbrushes, Pack of 5, Medium Bristles
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